Specialized companies vs. freelancers – which translation services to choose.

At a certain stage, every growing company makes a decision to expand its business and to offer its goods and services to citizens of other countries like Russia, China, France or Germany. When you make such decision the key is to choose a right translator, a translator who will not just translate your texts, but will convey your idea to your prospect customers and will keep the mood of your message. And last but not least is to find a translator in your budget.

So, let’s look at what specialized companies and freelance exchanges have to offer.
If we talk about English to Russian translation, a big benefit of specialized companies is the experience of translators and relative trustworthiness. Such companies are mostly founded by experienced translators, who know clients needs and hire only experts with proven knowledge and experience. So, hired a specialized company you can be sure in high quality of translated texts and meeting your deadline. The fact is that professional translator services come at a price, so be ready to pay from 0,04- to 0,18 USD per source word. It is worth mentioning that we offer the most affordable prices in the industry, translation with My Russian Translator will cost you only 0,04 USD per source word, including proofreading, you can find more information on prices for English to Russian translation here.

Another option for a company looking for a translator is to hire one on a freelancer exchange. You can expect lower prices on translation, from 0,01 USD per source word from beginners without any experience to 0,10 USD per source word from top-rated translators with good reviews of their work. Also, you have to remember about a freelance exchange fee. For example, popular freelancer exchange Upwork takes 3-10% service fee on all payments plus monthly subscription cost up to 499 USD/month depending on your plan. The quality you will get depends on the chosen translator, usually the higher price per word the better the quality. So, low-budget and low-quality translations can be done through such platform, but if you are set to really expand your business, we advise do not save on translation. Furthermore, considering such websites fees, the final cost often can be even higher than the price on professional translation services if you hire the professional directly.